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Firmware update v 1.1.4 for Ugoos UT4 + Android TV

Monday, Oct 31, 2016 | Post by admin | 12 comment(s)

New release brings a lot of fixes and improvements. Ugoos Kodi update and Android TV extension for Ugoos RK3368 device.

Here are some details:


Apps on SD card.

After last release, we have a huge feedback about moving applications on SD card and back. Since v. 1.1.4 if 16 GB on device is not enough you will be able to move previously installed applications on attached SD card.



Netflix fixes.

Netflix users faced a problem with audio sync on most of resolutions during video playback. Only 24 Hz frequency gives a stable synchronization on devices. Resolution patch in new release fix this issue for all available for Netflix frequencies and resolutions.


BLE peripheral mode.

This mode for Android is part of the Bluetooth Low Energy profile. Earlier Android could use BLE-enabled devices, but only as a primary device. Peripheral Mode should allow apps on TV Box to send data to other devices. In this way BLE Peripheral Mode Allows One Android Device To Function As A Health Monitor For Another.


Ugoos KODI.

For our KODI build, we performed a row of bug fixes mostly about playback with different video formats. Some bugs of Ugoos skin were also fixed. In addition, we add new pack of Rockchip patches for better performance. ATTENTION: if you use OTA update KODI will not be updated. You need to install new KODI manually or make hard reset of device. Download link at the top of the article.


OTA update improvements.

In this release, we made a rework of our OTA system. Now system will be more friendly with a bad internet connections and system will detect itself and don’t ask users to retry update manually too often. Progress bar animation were changed.


Android TV.

We already released system with Android TV launcher for our Amlogic Brand devices, so now it is turn for RK3368.

Android TV version turns your Ugoos device in fully functional media center, which is very comfortable and intuitive for user. Now it is easier to control it with Remote controller, gamepad or even smartphone. Just download Fireasy client via your phone and turn it on in Ugoos settings, or download Android TV remote control. More about Android TV you can read in this ARTICLE.

Android TV version of firmware comes separately from regular OTA updates. In order to operate it, you need download firmware image and reflash your device manually. Links are down of this post


Changelog 1.1.4

Main changes from previous version:

1. Fixed Netflix audio sync issue.

2. Added ability to move apps to SD card (More settings -> Apps).

3. Enabled BLE peripheral mode.

4. Translation changes (eng,de,ru).

5. Fixed no-touch resources problem.

6. Added Android TV remote service.

7. Fixed OK button on RC.

8. Updated Ugoos Kodi (fixed slider, playback bugs) - manual only.

9. Added exfat, ext file systems for SD card.

10. Increased time for auto retry download OTA package.

11. Fixed progress bar for full OTA packages.

12. Added event for BACK key on RC in recovery menu.



Ugoos UT4 fullOTA package v 1.1.4

Ugoos UT4 increment file v 1.1.3 - 1.1.4

Ugoos UT4 Image package v 1.1.4

Ugoos UT4 Image package v 1.1.4 Android TV

Ugoos KODI


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