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Ugoos UT4 firmware update 1.0.0

Friday, Mar 25, 2016 | Post by admin | 0 comment(s)

Such a nice day to update your Ugoos UT4.

Today we prepare new improvements and fixes pack for your UT4.

This update comes with OTA or, you can reflash manually using image: Download


Main changes from previous version:

   1. Changed display format for CPU and RAM Info (Ugoos Settings). Added icons to status bar.

   2. Network Usage information can be displayed in the status bar (Ugoos Settings).

   3. Fixed bug display CPU load in status bar.

   4. Fixed bug mount/unmount usb storages.

   5. Added support multiple usb storages.

   6. Now usb storages with one partition mounted without intermediate folders.

   7. Added support exFAT file system.

   8. Fixed bug reading/writing to usb storages on ntfs and ext file systems.

   9. Fixed bug with sounds from AV output when turn on or reboot box.

   10. Added screen rotation (Display Settings).

   11. Fixed bug focus in Launcher3 when hide/show status and navigation bars.

   12. Now the ability to switch users is available.

   13. Added multi window mode (Display Settings).

   14. Added ability to switch launcher with RC in Home Settings 

   15. Updated vpu and gpu libraries.

   16. Updated UgoosLauncher to ver.1.1.

   17. Updated RkVideoPlayer.

   18. Added Ugoos version of Kodi player.

   19. Other bug fixes

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