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Ugoos Amlogic AM1 firmware update version 0.0.4

Friday, Mar 11, 2016 | Post by admin | 3 comment(s)

Second update includes bug fixes and new features.

The second update will come with several bug fixes and capability problems.

Solved problem with recognizing hardware in usb ports, add host/OTG switch;

Ugoos launcher improvements;

Upgrade KODI till 16.0 Jarvis;

Gapps package updated.



Remote controller switcher

0.0.4 Firmware will come with Remote controller switcher:

This new features will be a first step to unify remote controllers for Ugoos devices. Now we add two RC to switcher and our customers can check it by themselves. If this option will be useful, we will extend amount of remote controllers and share this solution among brand Ugoos boxes.

Run remote controller switcher: Settings – Ugoos settings – Hardware – Remote controller.


Hardware monitor

Changes also affected the hardware performance visualization.

Now you can control your Box hardware performance more effectively. We added ability to place animated graphic icons in the upper bar, which can show real time main hardware values:

Download and upload net speed

CPU temperature

CPU speed

Free/All RAM

You also can choose to show text values or just animated graphics statistics in upper bar. You can exclude or left every value.  

In order to activate hardware screen visualization run Settings – Ugoos settings – System – HW Monitor.



Samba Server

File server allows sharing files between different OS devices. This feature was one of the most popular functions on Ugoos boxes based on Android 4.4. and 5.1 based on RockChip SoC. Now it comes to Amlogic devices.

Root from the box is available since last firmware in Ugoos settings - System.



Full Changelog

v.0.0.4 - 10/03/2016


 Usb: add usb host/otg switch

 Added HW Monitor (network usage, cpu info, ram info)

 Add Samba Server

 Added “dismiss All” button in "Recents Tasks" menu

 Add remote control switcher in settings AM1

 App: update Kodi to 16.0

 Bluetooth: enable transfer all file types

 system: add device serial number from emmc serial

 system: add firmware version to settings -> about



 Rotation fix UI can't fresh issue when click by mouse

 System: hdcp: off due problems with black screen

 System: wrong device name fix AM2

 Gapps: crash fix

 Amlogic commits merged


Ugoos amlogic AM1 firmware v0.0.4 DOWNLOAD LINK

Find us:




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