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New TV-box Ugoos UT3S

Tuesday, Feb 3, 2015 | Post by admin | 6 comment(s)

Ugoos Industrial developed and now producing new device - Ugoos UT3S!

Good day! Glad to show your new device from Ugoos! Ugoos UT3S! Thanks to the powerful SOC, you will be able to play modern games and view movies in 4K resolution on your TV. the operating system uses Android 4.4. In the future, it will be updated to Android 5.0 Lolipop. When developing a new device we first listened to the wishes of our customers.

In contrast to Ugoos UT3 in this device, there is no HDMI IN port. This made it possible to replace the HDMI out port version 1.4 on version 2.0.  For a user are available 4 USB port.  To which you can connect various devices: mouse, keyboard, Web-camera, removable drives, and others.

We carefully select our components, in order to use our devices were nice. In our device unlike competitors mounted fan. His work is invisible to the user. But it allows you to increase the power of the device and to extend the lifetime of the device. 


Ugoos UT3S tests result:

Device without cooling​:

Ugoos UT3S tests result with overclocked SOC (2GHz):

Stability test – temperature graphic:

Compare Ugoos UT3S and RK3288 TV-box without cooling, 30 min work stability test with frequency 1.8 GHz . 

Screenshot after 2 hours 30 min work stability test on Ugoos UT3S, on frequency 1.8 GHz (temperature – 72 °C):

Compare Ugoos UT3S and RK3288 TV-box  without cooling, 5 min work stability test with overclocked SOC -  2 GHz . 

Temperature graph for the overclocked UT3S with running Stability test for a longer period of time:

The information displayed on the front panel led. In the system settings, you can select one of the modes of the LEDs.

As for the models of UM3 or UT3 we officially provide firmware with Linux and Dualboot for UT3S.


Find us:




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