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Manual OTA Update processing guide for Rockchip SoC

Thursday, Apr 14, 2016 | Post by admin | 2 comment(s)

If, due to some reasons you have problems during OTA update of your box, you can use following instructions

OTA update process has several steps:

-detecting update on OTA server and requesting

-downloading OTA update package

-installing update

Due to some regional internet connection specific, OTA server can be slow or not accessible in automatic mode.

For those cases, we provide special increment update packs. You can manually download increment updates and install in few steps:

- you should know which current firmware is now running on your device in order to choose particular update pack.

- download update file and rename it like “”

- put “” in root directory of internal storage of your box then reboot device. After rebooting, system automatically ask you about updating.

Here is a list of common increment update files:


      0.0.3b – 1.0.1!PZhkBJ7S!jtEH0p0QhXWw44VLTNBU48cvYq0bOaw1QgY7nKjisQI

      1.0.0– 1.0.1!SZxCwQxa!PjHILJ4bYZ5IARyOc8BNrYQNhTYyBBbnHuyNl_RECV4


Use of increment file let you update device without data loss: all docs, media, applications and account information will stay in device memory

If you have earlier firmware on your UT4 you should use full firmware image, but do not forget save data before. More details about this method HERE

This article will get regular updates in order to inform users about updates.


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